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Paczka Ukraina PlusTimely solution at an attractive price for mail sent to Ukraine.

UKRAINE PLUS Parcel is mail of even 30 kg. It may be posted at selected postal facilities. It is attractive not only due to its price – even half the price of regular parcel sent to this country, but also effectiveness and timeliness of parcel delivery in the territory of Ukraine. The offer is intended both for individual and business clients.

The mail status may be tracked on an ongoing basis in the eMonitoring or in the service operator’s system in Ukraine.

Until further notice, UKRAINE PLUS Parcel service is not provided within the territory of Crimea and Sevastopol and to the places enumerated in List of regions in in Donetsk and Lugansk circuit.

  • Minimum: 16 cm x 21 cm (address side)
  • Minimum (mail in roll-form): 30 cm (sum of length and double diameter), where the greatest measure (length) may not exceed 15 cm
  • Maximum: length + circumference (measured in any other direction than the length) = 300 cm where the maximum length = 150 cm

All the dimensions are subject to +/- 2 mm tolerance

Maximum weight:

  • 30 kg
  • The content of a post parcel should be detailed in CN 23 custom declaration form – general information is not permitted. The sender may also append the parcel with each and every document necessary for customs activities in the country of dispatch and in the destination country, such as: invoice, export permit, import permit, certificate of origin, sanitary certificate, etc. Such documents should be in a transparent, self-adhesive envelope attached onto the parcel.
  • The Sender should confirm the veracity of the information given in the customs declaration and that the parcel contains no dangerous objects prohibited by postal laws by way of signing under relevant wording printed on the address sticker.
  • The Sender shall also confirm with its signature the veracity of the information given thereby on each appended additional copy of CN 23 customs declaration, if any.

It is prohibited to send any parcels which contain:

  • coins, banknotes, currencies or any bearer legal tenders, traveller’s cheques, platinum, gold or silver (processed or not),   precious stones, jewellery and other valuables,
  • dangerous objects that could cause damage to persons or property or cause contamination or damage to other mail or postal equipment,
  • narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances or other illegal intoxicating substances prohibited in the destination i shipment country,
  • firearms and ammunition, cold steel and other items intended for attack or defence,
  • explosives, flammable or radioactive materials,
  • disarmed explosive devices and military equipment, including disarmed grenades, missiles and other similar items, as well as replicas of these devices and objects,
  • infectious substances,
  • live animals and plants,
  • seeds and seedlings,
  • food products of animal origin which were not heat treated and other foods, save for food in original boxes weighing up to 10 kg in per shipment,
  • perishable products,
  • objects which form part of the national, historical or cultural heritage,
  • alcohol, drugs or tobacco products,
  • documents which are current and personal correspondence exchanged between persons other than the sender and the addressee or persons living therewith;
  • weapon licenses, work experience record books, military service books, passports
    and other identification documents,
  • objects made of brittle, fragile materials and objects with short shelf life,
  • counterfeited, illegal objects or copyrighted products,
  • indecent and immoral items,
  • motorcycle frames, engines, chassis, etc., described as assemblies and components of vehicles,
  • items which may not be imported to and traded in Ukraine.

terminyUKRAINE PLUS Parcel is delivered within an indicative term of delivery of 7 business days.
The mail delivery terms depend on the place whereat the parcel is addressed.