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Post Parcel

Most reliable solution in foreign edition and at an attractive price

Do you wish to send a parcel abroad? Use our post parcel. Such service involves a package of additional solutions such as value declaration or return receipt.

Remember that you may check the location of your parcel at all times – use our tracking service eMonitoring.

  • Minimum: 9 cm x 14 cm (address side) with +/-2 mm tolerance
  • Maximum: length = maximum 150 cm and length + circumference (measured in any other direction than the length) = maximum 300 cm with +/-2 mm tolerance
  • The content of a post parcel should be detailed in the form – CP 72 file and additional copies of CN 23 customs declaration attached, if any – general information is not permitted. The sender may also append the parcel with each and every document necessary for customs activities in the country of dispatch and in the destination country, such as: invoice, export permit, import permit, certificate of origin, sanitary certificate, etc. Such documents as well as additional copies of CN 23 customs declaration, if any, should be in a transparent, self-adhesive envelope attached onto the parcel.
  • In the event that the parcel destination country requires more than one customs declaration, the Sender should complete and append the parcel with an additional CN 23 customs declarations, supplementary to CP 72 form, on separate forms.
  • The Sender should confirm the veracity of the information given in the customs declaration and that the parcel contains no dangerous objects prohibited by postal laws by way of signing under relevant wording printed on the CP72 file form.
  • The Sender shall also confirm with its signature the veracity of the information given thereby on each appended additional copy of CN 23 customs declaration, if any.
  • It is not required to complete any customs declaration with regards to parcels sent to European Union member states; however, the sender should confirm with its own signature that the parcel contains no dangerous objects prohibited by the postal laws.

Restrictions on Post Parcel Contents

  • Items in aerosol containers, including but not limited to deodorants and hairspray, may not be sent in airmail parcels sent abroad (priority post parcels)

It is prohibited to send any parcels which contain:

  • objects which due to their nature or packaging may cause danger to the employees, dirty or damage other parcels or postal equipment or third-party property;
  • narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances or other intoxicating substances prohibited in the destination country;
  • documents which are current and personal correspondence exchanged between persons other than the Sender and the Addressee or persons living therewith;
  • correspondence, save for archival materials, exchanged between persons other than the sender and the addressee or persons living therewith;
  • explosive, flammable, inflammatory or other dangerous materials;
  • disarmed explosive devices and military equipment, including disarmed grenades, missiles and other similar items, as well as replicas of these devices and objects;
  • radioactive materials and infectious substances;
  • indecent and immoral items;
  • counterfeit and pirated items;
  • items which may not be imported to the destination country;
  • live animals.

Moreover, we recommend that our customers consult directly customs clearance offices and foreign trade partners which may be able to inform them of any changed in customs laws.


For economy parcels, please find below the estimated date of parcel delivery (D – means the date of sending, n – means the number of business days between the date of sending and the date of delivery):

Austria D+7
Belgium D+7
Czech Republic D+7
Cyprus D+6~8
Denmark D+7
Estonia D+7
Finland D+7
France D+6~7
Greece D+6~7
Spain D+6~7
Holland D+8
Ireland D+8~11
Island D+7
Lithuania D+7
Luxemburg D+8
Latvia D+7
Malta D+7
Germany D+7
Norway D+7
Portugal D+7~8
Russia D+9~17
Slovenia D+8
Slovakia D+7
Switzerland D+7~8
Sweden D+7
Ukraine D+8~10
Hungary D+8
United Kingdom D+7~9
Italy D+6~7
remaining countries D+7~9
USA 5 – 7 weeks (sea lane)
Canada 4 – 7 weeks (sea lane)
Mexico D+20
Egypt D+17
Kenya D+21
Morocco D+19
RSA D+16
Tunisia D+18
Zambia D+21~24
remaining countries D+20~24
Argentina D+17
Bolivia D+18
Brazil D+19
Chile D+14
Peru D+23
remaining countries and territories D+18~21
China D+9~11
Indonesia D+19
Japan D+18~20
Thailand D+19
Vietnam D+20
remaining countries and territories D+18~21
Australia 6 – 8 weeks (sea lane)
New Zealand 6 – 8 weeks (sea lane)
remaining countries and territories 6 – 8 weeks