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First-Class Letters

Who said that we may contact our friends at the other end of the world only online? The development of technology did not exclude the use of traditional correspondence. An addressed envelope, affixed stamp, letter put inside – you just need to decide whether to send it as priority or economy mail. That’s it!

wymiary-i-masaStandard mail dimensions:

  • maximum – the sum of the length, width and height is 900 mm, where the greatest of these measures (length) may not exceed 600 mm.
  • minimum – address page dimensions may not be less than 90 x 140 mm;


Dimensions of mail in roll-form:

  • maximum – the sum of the length plus double diameter is 1040 mm, where the greatest of these measures (length) may not exceed 900 mm,
  • minimum – the sum of the length plus double diameter 170 mm, where the greatest of these measures (length) may not exceed 100 mm.

All the dimensions are subject to +/- 2 mm tolerance.


  • Up to 2 kg
  1. zawartoscCorrespondence, forms, documents, magazines, books or small objects admitted for postal transit.
  2. Moreover, unregistered letter mail may carry the following animals:
  • bees, leeches and silkworms,
  • parasites and destroyers of noxious insects intended for the control of those insects and exchanged between officially recognised institutions,
  • flies of the Drosophilidae family for biomedical research exchanged between officially recognised institutions.

With respect to mail containing goods sent outside the European Union, it is necessary to complete and affix CN 22 customs declaration or attach CN 23 customs declaration.


  • within A zone countries (Europe including Cyprus, entire Russia and Israel) up to the third business day after posting (D+3),
  • within B (North America, Africa), C (South and Central America and Asia), and D zone countries (Australia and Oceania) up to the fifth business day after posting (D+5).

Mail posted after 3 pm are deemed to be posted on the following day.

Economy – the mail will be delivered in the European countries up to the sixth business day after posting (D+6).

The above terms of mail delivery are indicative terms agreed on the basis of the adopted delivery standard which is 85% timely delivery in case of A zone, and 65% in case of B, C and D zones.