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Online currency exchange office

Poczta Polska S.A.’s offer includes the possibility to exchange currencies online*.

Within the framework of cooperation with Raiffeisen Solutions Sp. z o.o., Poczta Polska’s Customers may also benefit from the online currency exchange services via the website available at Rkantor.com.

Poczta Polska’a Customers may have 19 currencies at their disposal, without leaving their homes. Such catalog includes currencies both from the primary catalog:

  • Euro (EUR),
  • American dollar (USD),
  • Pound sterling (GBP),
  • Swiss francs (CHF),

as well as those less popular:

  • Czech koruna (CZK),
  • Danish krone (DKK),
  • Hungarian forint (HUF),
  • Norwegian krone (NOK),
  • Russian ruble (RUB),
  • Swedish krona (SEK),
  • Japanese yen (JPY).

For the purpose of execution of currency exchange transactions, the process of registration shall be completed, during which there shall be established, a.o., logging data for the currency panel. After having performed this activity, we shall acquire access to the personal currency panel, where all currency purchase and sales transactions are registered. There shall exist a possibility of direct online exchange as well as withdrawal of the purchased currency in a cash machine. All these activities shall be performed quickly, easily and – most of all – safely.


Why us?

Beneficial exchange rates

Always attractive exchange rates. Opportunity to benefit from promotional currency exchange rates.


Deferred payments

The online currency exchange allows to exchange currencies with a deferred payment, so exchange at the rate applicable as of the date of conclusion of the transaction, resources for which shall be paid within the next two working days. Thus, the exchange shall be made at the most beneficial rate, even when the Customer does not have resources in their wallet yet.


Free and quick transfers

The service supplier shall allow for free transfers in foreign and national currency to 13 cooperating banks. Additional advantage constitutes short time of settlement of those transfers – even in 15 minutes.


Free exchange rate alerts

Thus, Customers immediately receive SMS notifications about the fact that a given currency acquired an exchange rate demanded by them. Such alert may be established within a few seconds in the customer panel – you just need to provide a currency pair and the exchange rate of interest.


Guarantee and reliability

We ensure safety of transactions, always clear rules and assurance of exchange rates.


How to exchange currencies?

Just go here, register and exchange currencies.

In order to be able to exchange currencies in the online currency exchange office you should register in the system, which takes just a few minutes. Other operations are performed after logging in to your account.


*Currency exchange services are rendered by Raiffeisen Solutions Limited liability company with its registered office in 00-844 Warsaw at 78 Grzybowska Street, entered into the Registry of Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw 13th Economic Department of the National Court Registry under the number KRS 0000515965, with the share capital of PLN 550.000,00.