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Poczta Polska Usługi Cyfrowe Sp. z o.o.

Poczta Polska Usługi Cyfrowe (PPUC) is a member of Poczta Polska Group intended to develop digital postal services available to individual clients, firms and institutions. The Company was formed in 2013, and since 2013 it has operated under the brand of the post of the future – Envelo.

Envelo provides convenient access to comprehensive, secure, trusted and innovative postal services which are available online via both desktop and mobile equipment.

The services developed and introduced by Envelo also include solutions which combine virtual reality with traditional postal services (e.g. neo-stamp, neo-letter, mass neo-letter, neo-postcard, neo-invoice), as well as fully digital products, i.e. electronic neo-invoice, electronic neo-letter, neo-bills. Other important elements of Envelo innovative communication platforms include: Envelo Post-Box, Trusted Account, and Digital Post Stamp.

PPUC participates in a project financed by the National Centre for Research and Development (NCRD) entitled Demonstrator+ within which it is performing an agreement for development and testing of an integrated, innovative platform of postal eServices. Within the project seven technologically advanced and internationally innovative electronic and hybrid postal services are developed which show interoperability with the standards of the Universal Postal Union.

It is the general objective of the project to stimulate development of e-services market and fighting against digital exclusion by way of introduction of cutting-edge ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) technologies and thus increased competitiveness of the Polish economy. The said objective is to be achieved through application of the results of R&D works to the economy in terms of innovative solutions within electronic postal services and through testing new solutions in the form of a demonstrator (pilot eServices platform) with high commercial potential.


Management Board

Krzysztof Dzięcioł – President of the Management Board

Michał Putkiewicz – Vice President of the Management Board


Supervisory Board

Michał Leski – Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Agnieszka Zdanowska – Supervisory Board Member

Izabela Żmuda – Supervisory Board Member

Anna Kowalcze – Supervisory Board Member

Paweł Przychodzeń – Supervisory Board Member


Poczta Polska Usługi Cyfrowe:

Rodziny Hiszpańskich 8

02-685 Warszawa

tel: (22) 276 28 00