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Bank Pocztowy S.A.


Bank Pocztowy is a member of Poczta Polska Group. It was formed in 1990 as a settlement institution which deals with mass payments. Nowadays, it also specialises in handling individual clients whom it offers an easy access to simple banking.

Its diversified offer is intended for citizens of small and medium towns or cities and villages. We dedicate equal attention to our Clients who are over 50 years old, retirement and disability pensioners. In terms of corporate banking we focus on micro-enterprises, the SME sector and housing cooperatives.

Moreover, Bank Pocztowy aims to promote simple financial services. It avoids any complex products, complicated procedures and ambiguous terms. It helps to understand the world of finance to those who are unfamiliar with banking services.

We offer to our Clients: free personal accounts; secure saving; attractive cash and mortgage loans; convenient personal account and credit cards; free access to ATMs in Poland and abroad and product portfolios for the SME sector, housing cooperatives and settlement clients.

Broad access to our services is warranted through our co-operation with Poczta Polska. It provided us with the country’s largest distribution network – over 7500 postal outlets, including 797 micro-branches and financial areas. Additionally, Bank Pocztowy S.A. has its own and ever-increasing network of 84 branches.

Bank Pocztowy provides access to funding via modern platforms:

  • online banking – Pocztowy24, tele-consultants, IVR (interactive voice response) system and mobile banking – Pocztowy SMS.

Poczta Polska S.A., the majority shareholder of the bank, holds 75% of the shares (less ten shares). Powszechna Kasa Oszczędności Bank Polski S.A. holding 25% of the shares (plus ten shares) is the second largest shareholder.

Management Board

Jakub Słupiński – acting President of the Management Board

Robert Kuraszkiewicz – Vice President of the Management Board

Tomasz Jodłowski – Management Board Member

Paweł Kopeć – Management Board Member


Supervisory Board

Przemysław Sypniewski – Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Jan Emeryk Rościszewski – Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Magdalena Pacuła – Secretary of the Supervisory Board

Piotr Chełmikowski – Supervisory Board Member

Jakub Słupiński – Supervisory Board Member

Marian Szołucha – Supervisory Board Member


Bank Pocztowy S.A. registered office address:
ul. Jagiellońska 17
85-959 Bydgoszcz
tel. 52 349 91 00

Headquarters Warsaw Office
ul. Puławska 111B
02-707 Warsaw
tel. 22 328 75 00